Welcome to Divertisy website:

To benefit from our services, users can easily purchase access with a credit card or purchase cash vouchers.
You will be able to login via ANY Divertisy Hotspot with your login details and enjoy internet access from your own devices.
If you require support or assistance you can contact us via SMS, Email or Phone.

What is a hotspot? A hotspot is a device that offers Internet access over a public wireless network, through the use of a router, with a payment gateway installed on it and connected to a bunch of servers. Hotspots typically use Wi-Fi technology.

Where do hotspots get used? Hotspots are found at: Restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, guest houses, self-catering units, flats/apartments, private residences and holiday resorts...

What is the range of a hotspot? It depends, it can range from 50m to 100m indoors. It can range 400m to 600m outdoors, if a special unit is mounted on a roof.

Instructions on how to Connect to Our Wireless Hotspot(s)
Search for wireless networks. Connect to "Divertisy Wifi". Open your internet browser and go to any website for the login page to display. Enter the given username and password to gain your access.