Cash Vouchers
Vouchers valid for 1 month

Where can I buy it? Vouchers can be bought from voucher outlets direct with cash or credit card, depends on the outlets. The location of the voucher outlets can be found on the login page of any Divertisy hotspot.
Please note: Before purchasing your voucher please ensure you can connect to "Divertisy Wifi". Ensure you're able to see the login page before purchasing a voucher.

Warning: If opened, this product won't be refunded.

Credit Card Vouchers
Vouchers valid for 1 month

Can be purchased from hotspot directly.

Once your purchase has been approved you will be given a Username and Password via your browser.
If you enter an optional Cell Number or Email Address the Username and Password will also be sent to you via SMS or Email so that you have a record of these details.


Instructions on how to Connect to Our Wireless Hotspot
Search for wireless networks. Connect to "Divertisy Wifi". Open your internet browser and go to any website for the login page to display. Enter the given username and password to gain your access.